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Aboriginal Stories In The Sky


Suitable for all ages.

Show length 10 - 60 mins.


Explore Indigenous Australian astronomy in this fascinating mobile Planetarium show. 

European night sky stories are familiar to many people. However, the stories indigenous to the Australian southern skies are less known.

Find out how indigenous cultures describe constellations that are fundamental to their daily lives.

Although different Australian Aboriginal groups have different astronomical traditions, there are some broad similarities.

We include stories from across Australia and explain how they relate to natural occurrences, laws and traditions, behaviour, navigation, seasons, history, and spirituality.

As a vital component of the Australian syllabus, this presenter-led and/or multi-media presentation can be experienced as a stand-alone show or can be incorporated into any other presentation.


Our school planetarium show includes a guided ‘What’s in the sky tonight’ presentation and a Solar System walkthrough covering relevant aspects of the NSW syllabus.


Download Star Stories of the Dreaming guide here.

Teacher's notes and How to make your own Planisphere here  

The Emu in the sky fact sheet here

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