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Science Museum Space Exploration

Why Invite Starr's Planetarium To Your School

We bring the best of all the leading planetariums in the world right to your school or venue.  Don’t miss this unique experience...

  • Quality presentations. Guaranteed to engage, amaze & inspire.

  • Presenter led shows mapped to the syllabus. Kindy, Primary and High School.

  • Indigenous Programs.

  • Options to suit all budgets. We come to your school so you save on transport costs.

  • Australia's largest range of spectacular 360° movies using the latest 4K technology.

  • An amazing interactive session ‘flying’ through our Solar System, Galaxy & Universe.

  • A  guided ‘What’s in the sky tonight’ presentation

  • Peer-reviewed and recommended. See our Google Reviews and Testimonials page.

  • Customisable presentations.

  • Free pre and post-visit classroom activities.

  • Choice of dome sizes. Up to 60 people per session.

  • Wheelchair accessible domes.

  • We don't just look at the stars, we go there!
  • GUARANTEED! Love the experience or IT'S FREE.

  • All domes equipped with a HEPA air purification system.

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