Science Museum Space Exploration

We bring the best of all the leading planetariums in the world right to your school or venue.  Don’t miss this unique experience...

  • Quality presentations. Guaranteed to engage, amaze & inspire.

  • Presenter led shows mapped to the syllabus. Kindy, Primary and High School.

  • Indigenous Programs.

  • Options to suit all budgets. We come to your school so you save on transport costs.

  • Australia's largest range of spectacular 360° movies using the latest 4K technology.

  • An amazing interactive session ‘flying’ through our Solar System, Galaxy & Universe.

  • A  guided ‘What’s in the sky tonight’ presentation

  • Peer-reviewed and recommended. See our Google Reviews and Testimonials page.

  • Customisable presentations.

  • Free pre and post-visit classroom activities.

  • Choice of dome sizes. Up to 75 people per session.

  • Wheelchair accessible domes.

  • We don't just look at the stars, we go there!
  • GUARANTEED! Love the experience or IT'S FREE.