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The Planetarium

Starr's Planetarium brings you the latest and the most advanced 360° portable 4K projection system. Groundbreaking technology in our mobile planetarium has been inspiring and entertaining since 2005. We offer the largest choice of digital planetarium (fulldome) shows in Australia, and our presenter-led astronomy shows are delivered by engaging and experienced science communicators.
Starrs Planetarium
Mobile Planetarium School Sydney NSW
Our content is sourced from NASA and from other world-leading Astronomy content providers. We are also proud members of the NASA Museum Alliance.
The planetarium Space experience aligns with the current  NSW Science K–10 Syllabus [see here] and we believe that our displays will be the most educational, entertaining and visually stunning programs to come to your venue.
The dome provides a theatre setting for standard and 360° immersive 4K images with surround sound that is totally interactive. We will show you the wonders of the sky above your head and then take you into the farthest regions of the universe and through our trailblazing software, it will feel like we are taking you on a trip right there.  
Mobile Planetarium School Sydney NSW
With a vast array of topics offered, we will show you more about the night sky and our amazing Universe than you could ever possibly see with a night excursion.  
If you are planning to study space units in your class, our school planetarium display will prove incredibly inspirational and informative.  
Starr's Planetarium is now in its 17th year, and tens of thousands of students have enjoyed this amazing and fun way to learn about astronomy.
Mobile Planetarium School Sydney NSW
Mobile Planetarium School Sydney NSW
Our displays and equipment are regularly upgraded and the results are simply stunning. Our planetarium system was initially developed in Australia at Swinburne University Astrophysics Dept and now utilises the latest in global content and 4K projection technology. 
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