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Science Museum Space Exploration

Frequently asked Questions

What if we need to cancel or postpone our booking due to COVID?

No need to worry. There is no penalty for bookings affected by COVID restrictions.

1. How much room do we need?

The dome theatre needs a room or hall with a clear space of 6 metres wide by 7 metres long, and a clear height of 3.1 metres at the very top of the dome.

Our Superdome requires 9m x 10m  with a clear height of 4.1m. This is suitable for school halls only.

Because of the nature of the portable theatre it will not be possible to set it up outside. Most school halls, libraries or gymnasiums are more than adequate to house the dome.


2. How many people fit in the dome?

Our standard dome has a recommended capacity of 30 students but a few more can squeeze in if necessary.

Our Superdome can fit around 60 students or 2 classes at a time as the optimum number of students.


3. How long does it take to set up and take down?

The dome and projection system takes roughly 60 minutes to set up. Your presenter will arrive around one hour prior to the first display to ensure everything is fine, and to answer any questions before students arrive. It will take approximately the same time to pack away.


4. How much does the presentation cost?

The cost of a visit to your school is very reasonable. We come to you, so the only costs involved are the admission costs for each child. We are fully GST compliant, so you can claim back the GST component after we send through our invoice. We have options for all budgets and prices will vary depending on location, number of students attending, and time hired. Please contact us for a personalised quote.


5. Are the displays suitable for our students' units of study?

Yes. Each display is customised to map the current NSW syllabus for each year group. Our presenters have extensive experience, and the result is an interactive display that teachers will find invaluable in introducing or reinforcing the unit of study.


6. How many sessions can you do in one day?

Each session runs for approximately 40-60 minutes. We generally manage 5 sessions in a normal school day but we can do more if the school wishes and timetables allow. We are also happy to customise presentations for your individual needs.


7. Why should we invite Starr's Planetarium to our school?   (15 reasons here)

Because it is just so easy, safe and risk-free. Starr's Planetarium requires just a large room or a gymnasium and a regular power point to set up the entire system in your own school. No buses to arrange, no students to manage in unfamiliar surrounds, no fear of bad weather, no personal management risk for the teachers, no night excursions. The students and their teacher simply enter the dome through the special airlock, take a seat and enjoy the experience - it's that simple.


8. How do I get in? Do I have to crawl?

No. You enter by walking through the special airlock. This airlock allows you to walk in without having to bend down and crawl in like other systems. Entry is much easier and far safer than the older type of domes.


9. Is the planetarium suitable and accessible for people with restrictions?

Yes. Because of its unique design, our domes can accommodate visitors who use wheelchairs, have walkers or who are otherwise restricted. 

We also have vast experience in catering for specific needs individuals and organisations.


10. Is it hot or stuffy in there? What about airflow?

Although a fan keeps air circulating continuously through the dome, the dome itself has no climate control of its own. Please cool/heat the venue for comfort and dress accordingly.

All domes are equipped with a HEPA air purification system.


11. Can we get out fast if we need to?

Yes, in seconds. Have all visitors stand up and move toward the centre of the dome. We grasp the edge of the dome fabric and lift it up and over the visitors, so the dome flips over onto itself in a very controlled manner. Once in motion, the fabric should continue to bunch up on itself so it falls to the floor. In just seconds, the entire group can be evacuated.


12. What areas do you travel to?

Starr's Planetarium regularly travels all over the Sydney region. We will also happily travel to areas further afield, however, minimum student numbers or a small increase in fees is required to cover additional travel costs.


13. Do you supply additional resources to help teachers and students?

Yes. We supply a comprehensive list of resources and activities to make this a complete educational program. See our Activities page for further information.

14. Do you supply documentation?

Yes. All the documents that you need (including T&C's) can be found on our Documents page.

15. What do other principals and teachers have to say about this incursion?

Our Google Reviews and Testimonials pages speak for themselves.

16. Do you guarantee a great experience for us?

Yes. All of our presentations are guaranteed. Love the experience or it's FREE!

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