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Science Museum Space Exploration


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You should be commended for bringing valuable space education to our kids

Andy Thomas - Astronaut, NASA (retired)


The aboriginal astronomy film was excellent. My Year 5 students really enjoyed the film which conveyed an aboriginal perspective of the night sky in a visually stunning way. It has been really difficult to find an indigenous perspective on astronomy, and this has been really good.  I can't wait to book you again for next year.

Michael Brown - Science Master, Sydney Grammar School. NSW


One of the best incursions i've seen in my 15 years of teaching!

Laurel Staden - New Lampton South PS, NSW

A wondrous adventure in Science. From the moment we entered the dome the students knew they were in for something special and exciting. The smiles remained for the rest of the day. They won’t ever forget this. I highly recommend seeing this show. 
Terry Fitzsimmons - St Joseph’s East Maitland

WOW! The students were really engaged. The talk that Gary gave that took us on a tour of the universe was informative and interesting. The movie aligned really well with the syllabus and was presented in such an exciting way.
Matt Counani - Domremy College

A great opportunity for all the students. Very factual and relevant to the topic we were working on in class. It is a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you” Julia Torresan - Student - Domremy College

A brilliant voyage around our universe. The interactive nature of the presentation and Gary’s flexible approach to students needs made it a hopefully to be repeated fixture in our science calendar.

Mona Vale PS

Such an amazing show! The best incursion I have experienced in a school setting.
Genevieve Cook - St Mary’s, Scone

A wonderful immersive experience that took us to the stars and back. Our Year 10 students enjoyed the opportunity to build on their understanding of the way that emerging technologies have evolved our understanding of the universe. We are already looking forward to the next visit.
The Kings School

An absolutely incredible experience for our girls that gave them the opportunity to explore the universe in a completely unique way. Gary was a wealth of knowledge and the resources he brought with him were of outstanding quality.
Ravenswood School For Girls

A Fabulous display of space. Gary personalised it to suit our students requirements, Making it relevant and meaningful. Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge with us.

What an amazing experience! The children were totally engaged and enthralled. The content was perfect for our unit and ideally aimed at the students’ level. We will certainly be inviting Gary and his planetarium back next year.

An excellent presentation. The students were enthralled by everything and engaged in all areas. The subject matter related to the curriculum and the movie was at the level of the students. Heads were up and eyes were glued at all times. Gary was extremely well informed,  

Presented  so that  the students could understand the content. Well done.
Lorraine Dallinger - Waitara School


Just thought I would touch base and say a very big thank you to you both for your professional organisation of the Cosmodome at Engadine Shopping Centre. Gary - thank you for your expertise in educating the kids. It appears everyone enjoyed it from the feedback. We hope to have the opportunity of working with you again in the future.

Anita Kenny, Economic Development Coordinator, Sutherland Shire Council 


Engaging & spectacular perspective on the breadth of our universe. Gary & Jamie bring an enthusiasm that is infectious. Thank you!

Virginia Ellis - Barker College, NSW


It was one of the most amazing experiences especially for a group of students that would never have had the opportunity to encouter such a breathtaking display. Mary Carryer, Vicky Pearce & Lea Taylor -  TLSC Tumbi Umbi Campus



A truly remarkable experience for all students! They were absolutely amazed and learned many facts about our Galaxy.

Andrew - Quakers Hill PS, NSW


Unbelievable! The boys had an opportunity to connect with the Aboriginal Australian traditions through their sky stories. The "Walk through the night sky" was great. It was so good to be able to relate to exactly what is happening above us.

Steph Comiro - The Scots College


This was a highly anticipated incursion by our students - and all expectations were exceeded! We loved the show - Highly informative and

engaging. Thanks Gary for a terrific presentation.

Aveline Elwing - Teacher, Horsley Park PS. NSW


I have never seen the show before - I found it spellbinding. Images beautiful, discussion well delivered and good management of the students. The lovely scent of the dome was an added bonus.

Kim Bird - Ascham, NSW


A wonderful, interactive and highly informative presentation. All of the students were engaged and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. I strongly recommend to all schools.

Toby Hines - QHPS, NSW


The stage 2 experience was well devised with three separate presentations which informed and extended student knowledge. I highly recommend Starr's Planetarium as a valid & valuable learning experience.

Alan McGowen - Principal, Telopea PS, NSW


Excellent show. Beautiful images. I loved it as did the girls. They were very impressed and engaged throughout. We will definitely be inviting Gary back again next year.

Nicola Freyne - Ascham, NSW


Stories in the Stars was an experience I would highly recommend to all. It is very difficult to find a presentation that gives us an Aboriginal perspective of our skies. It was wonderful!

Laurel, NLSPS, NSW


I would just like to thank you for bringing the planetarium to our school. I have received lots of positive feedback from staff and students.  The kids learnt heaps and I am sure they will remember this amazing experience for the rest of their lives.

Margret Pond - Head of Junior School. St Philips. NSW


This was an outstanding presentation that was highly engaging. The presenter was fantastic, knowledgeable and highly engaging. Many thanks. Scott Fitzgerald - Rooty hill Public School. NSW



Thank you for a very informative show. It was a great way to consolidate the learning the students have been exploring during their science unit about "day & night". It was wonderful to have key information repeated and explored in multiple ways.

Belinda Yates - BHNPS, NSW


The ultimate 3D experience! A flight through space full of adventure & fun! A must for science education.

Miss Michie - TPS, NSW


An absolutely fantastic and engaging experience that tied in perfectly with our science unit. The children had a wonderful time and will no doubt be talking about it for months to come. Many thanks. 

Cassandra Baily – Rooty Hill Public School, NSW


The Planetarium was fantastic! The information presented was relevant as well as exciting. Both the children and teachers were engaged for the entire time.

Felicia Kowalski - Moriah College, NSW 


What an amazing educational tool! Engaging young minds. I loved it and so did my students.

Brianna Mallaby - Barker College, NSW


A fantastic experience for all ages. As a small school, we were able to reduce costs yet still provide students with valuable experiences all in the comfort of our school

Jenny Vasilareas - Telopea Public School, NSW


Very engaging for the students. They loved every minute of the show. Highly recommended

Marc Dulaurens - Hannans Road PS, NSW


Fantastic, engaging and hugely informative. A great way to spark kids curiosity midway through our space unit.

Angela - McKillop Catholic College, NSW


A wonderfully engaging presentation. It tied in perfectly with our science unit of enquiry. The students were amazed and didn’t want it to end. Thank you.

Nadine Edworthy, Fairfield West Public School. NSW


The planetarium experience engaged all senses as well as stimulated the children's curiosity. Questions raised by the children showed their level of enjoyment and indicated areas to investigate further. A great experience all round.

Margie, Year 5 teacher - Mamre Anglican School, NSW


This was a wonderful learning experience for the students. The visuals were very good and the content and presentation were age appropriate.

Jenna Petrocco - Our Lady of Lourdes Baulkham Hills, NSW


Wonderfully entertaining educational experience. The children loved the Stellarium, information about volcanoes, asteroids and dinosaurs and being in the Cosmodome. Many thanks. 

Teacher -  St Thomas Aquinas, West Belconnen, ACT


Great presentation, brings abstract to concrete and allows students to comprehend difficult concepts. Well done!

Sarah - Barker College, NSW


A very informative and interesting experience which tied in perfectly with our unit Night and Day.

Sharon Hopkins - Barnier Public School, NSW


This was a perfect incursion to support our topic of Night and Day. The children were truly engaged at all times. Thank You.

Maria Paglia - Barnier Public School, NSW


The planetarium was a wonderfully remarkable experience for all students. I would highly recommend it to all. It was a great introduction to the stories of the night sky. Thanks for a brilliant experience. 

Belinda - NLSPS, NSW


Very engaging and entertaining. Great information presented in a creative way. We love this incursion which ties in with our space unit.

Veronica Norman - Gordon East Public School, NSW


The kids had a wonderful time and were actively engaged throughout the whole experience. They learnt new things and were given the opportunity to share the knowledge they had. A great time was had by all. Thank you! We will do it again.

A. Russell - Teacher, Yanginook School, NSW


My class really enjoyed their planetarium experience. They loved seeing the stars all around them. We will do this again.

Jessica Asher - Mamre Anglican School, NSW


Loads of Fun! Very interesting. Kids were engaged the whole time. Very informative. I would thoroughly recommend this.

G. Watkins - Teacher, Yr 2, CCS, NSW


Sensational! How engaging! This show was loved by all!

Kristie Coyle - Teacher, St Philips Christian College. NSW.


What a great experience! The kids loved how they could really visualise the constellations.

"I'm going to look at the sky tonight" was a common comment.

Megan Lyall - Science Coordinator, Burraneer Bay PS. NSW


An amazing experience. Inspiring and informative. The children absolutely loved it. An excellent resource to enhance the science curriculum. 

We will definitely invite the Planetarium back again. 

Francine Flynn - Teacher, Montessori East, Bondi, NSW.


Excellent quality presentations. The students were completely engaged the whole time.

Lindy McCallum - New Lampton South, NSW


Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. The students loved it and were thoroughly engaged throughout the session. 

Teacher -  Barnier PS, NSW


A spectacular learning experience for our year 4 students and a fantastic introduction to our science unit on space. Every student was thoroughly engaged in all aspects of the presentation. Highly Recommended. Thank you!

Jade Farrar - Teacher, St John's, Campbelltown. NSW


Absolutely fantastic presentation! Very informative and engaging - The kids loved it!

Will definitely have you visit again.

Brendan Gray - Edgeworth PS. NSW


A fantastic way to engage students and learn the wonders of our solar system and space. Supported what the students have learned in their "Spinning in Space" unit. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Steve Mills - Dobroyd Point PS, NSW


Better than the IMAX as you don't need to wear any glasses. A wonderful experience for both students & teachers.

J Sullivan - Mosman Public School. NSW


Fantastic! Students (and teachers) were completely engaged. Great way to get information across. 

Direct quote from student...THAT WAS AWESOME!

Rosemary Huttly - Hampden Park Public School, Lakemba. NSW


Thank you for coming to our school. The learning experience was exceptional and catered for many different learners. The planetarium visit was awesome and gave a whole new perspective to our universe.

Judy Collier - Principal, Nillo Infants School, Lorn. NSW


Fabulous! The students loved it! It answered lots of questions we had and I'm sure it will prompt a lot more. Thanks

Naomi Warlond - HPPS, Lakemba. NSW


This was a fantastic experience for our whole school! Each session was engaging for all students. We had a great time. Thank you so much!

Amy Burgess - Teacher, Teralba Public School, Newcastle NSW


Loved having an Aboriginal perspective of our night sky. Something all Australians should embrace, to become our story.

David Frazer - Barker College, NSW


Thoroughly enjoyed by students and teachers. Affirmed what they knew and clarified other concepts. Gave us some further information for us to follow up in class. The presentation in the dome was spectacular and kept the students engaged for the whole time.

Annemarie Arkell - Teacher, St Joseph's. East Maitland. NSW.


What a fantastic experience for our students! Visually engaging and informative. This was a valuable input session. Thank you.

Nerida Pearson - Teacher, St John's, Campbelltown. NSW


Fantastic presentation. Engaging and informative. Content well suited to stage level.

B Napier - Mosman PS. NSW 


Brilliant and engaging show. Informative. The children were engaged. A great way to start a unit on space.

Bruce - Heathcote PS, NSW 


I found the display extremely informative and the children were always engaged. Great back up for teachers also available on their website.

Amanda - Teacher, Kahiba Public School, Newcastle. NSW.


A brilliant presentation. Pitched right at the level of our class. All the students were highly engaged.

Robyn Simmins - Quakers Hill PS, NSW


A superb way to engage kids - Simple to understand and very informative. Thank you

Parueen Khan - Hampden Park PS, Lakemba. NSW.


Great presentation – relevant & well explained. Jane Dove – Wycliff Cristian School. NSW


Thank you as you engaged all of our pupils (including girls!) We appreciated the facts you presented. Loved the Stellarium section.

Lisa Palmer - Teacher, SPCC, NSW.


This exhibit was extremely insightful and would be one I would recommend again.

Emma - Teacher, Chester Hill North PS, Sydney NSW.


A very engaging presentation that covered many of the students wonderings about space.

Stuart Pearson - Scotts college


Thank you for coming to our school. The learning experience was fantastic and all the kids were very engaged. Thank you.

Kirstie Whalan - HPPS, NSW 


A fantastic presentation. Great to see an indigenous perspective. This is such an important element in the new syllabus. Thank you!

Nicole Jensen - NLSPS, NSW


It was an excellent session for students to be involved with the importance in knowing our universe and world. Thank you!

Miss Mlinac


We really enjoyed the presentations. The students were really engaged and retained lots of information.

Mr Whitney


A great experience. My class enjoyed the cosmodome, especially the projections onto the ceiling. We learnt a lot - Thanks

Carol Forwood


WOW! The boys loved this! As did i - What a wonderful dynamic way to learn. Thank you. - Julia Wilson


Thank you! It was fantastic and followed up on what the children have been learning in class very well. The children loved the interactive & 3D aspect of the dome. Georgie Morgan - Willoughby PS. NSW


Excellent experience for the children. Gary was knowledgeable and the presentation fitted in perfectly with our unit. Liz Raynor


Thank you so much. This was really informative and my class really seemed to understand the reason for the seasons.


A very enjoyable presentation. Students were highly motivated and engaged.


A highly stimulating, engaging resource for the space theme.


Excellent presentation. Very interesting & informative. Great work! - Mrs Isle Faccin


Our class really enjoyed this experience - It stimulated their minds so they asked really relevant questions.


The presentation was excellent. The 3D nature of the presentation allowed the students to get a “real” view of our universe. Fantastic and well worth a look.


It was an excellent session. The students were engaged from the moment they walked in. The program presented linked directly to our current unit of work.


As we walked back to the classroom kids were exclaming "That was awesome". "That was amazing".

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