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Ningaloo - Australia's Other Reef.




Suitable for school years 6+ / Adults / Families 

Film length: 25 mins or 45 mins


Young marine scientist, Anna Cresswell, takes an extraordinary submarine voyage in search of the key to life on Australia’s iconic Ningaloo Reef.  


Anna is on a mission to witness the annual, synchronized, mass coral

spawning, one of nature’s most spectacular and mysterious reproductive events. If scientists can come to understand how it works, it may well offer them solutions to protecting coral reefs from the ravages of climate change.   

Along the way, Anna navigates through a maze of spectacular coral structures, inhabited by an abundance of exotic marine life, in one of the most diverse and complex ecosystems ever discovered.

Ningaloo: Australia’s Other Great Reef is suitable for students undertaking

Science, Geography, Design & Technologies, Media Arts.

Study Guide available here


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