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Our Living Climate



​Suitable for school years 5 - 10

Film length 28 mins

Explore the science of Earth’s amazing climate.

Come face to face with the upheavals that have shaped our planet. Extinction events and ice ages of the past give way to the industrial revolution and man-made climate change of today, in this dramatic exploration of Earth’s climate history.

Visually dramatic and documentary in style, it includes comparisons of Earth and its nearest neighbours, the Moon and Venus. It highlights their histories and the delicate atmospheric balance required to support life. We are then immersed in the story of Earth's climate, traveling through time to view the dependent interaction between climate and life during the evolution of our planet. A mass extinction event, an ice age and the advent of the industrial revolution are described in detail. 
The presentation helps audiences to understand how scientists study constant climate change and how we, as humans, have the opportunity to impact the climate, for better or worse. 

Our school planetarium show includes a guided ‘What’s in the sky tonight’ presentation and a Solar System walkthrough covering relevant aspects of the NSW syllabus.

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