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Sydney Planetarium Incursion. Mobile Planetarium. School Planetarium Incursion

Travel through the universe with our awe-inspiring 4K Earth & Space science experience...


Our planetarium will engage, amaze and inspire as we take you on a Space adventure.

Suitable for Kindy, Primary Schools, High Schools and Families.

Presenting Australia's largest choice of 360° movies.


Programs include Day and Night, The Solar System, Indigenous Astronomy, Scientific discoveries, Space Technology, The hunt for extraterrestrial life and so much more.


Be immersed in a stunning 360° movie. Take a trip through the Solar System and onwards to the very edge of our Galaxy and then come back down to Earth to find out what’s in the sky tonight.


Incursions aligned with the current NSW science syllabus. Presentation outlines here.


Both presenter-led content and 360° immersive movies in all shows.

Program topics are customised to suit all learning levels. Educational and fun.


Perfect for Schools, Vacation Centres, Shopping Centres, Festivals and Events.

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